A global community to bring freedivers together to learn from, travel and dive with.

Connect with freedivers, spearfisher, photographers, schools and instructors to learn and share your passion for the big blue. Together we can do more for ourselves, our community and the ocean – which are all vital parts of our planet’s ecosystem.

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Whats the Story?

Hi! I’m Sascha. I started a local freediving group in New York, which was the impetus for this community. It’s been great to get together talk freediving, exchange gear and organize trips together. I also really love being part part of an incredibly diverse group of people from all walks of life and share the love for the ocean and passion for freediving with everyone. I wanted to bring more like minded people together and be able to connect with them while traveling. That’s why I started this project.
Ultimately this is a place for you to connect with freedivers, instructors, spearfishers, photographers and researchers from around the world. I would love this community to be a place where we can discover new places to explore, grow personally and athletically and call attention to the important issues and challenges we and our oceans face.I was born in Malta and now live in Brooklyn from where I freedive, design products and build communities. I’d love to hear from you – just get in touch.